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As your organization adjusts to an ever-changing marketplace, FastTrack can help it remain relevant and responsive to stakeholder demands. Explore how we’ve aided companies like yours.

Adding business grade high-speed Internet access
Choose from the always-on mega-speed of our symmetrical Internet access or a service that bursts added capacity upon demand. Explore the difference between our premium and basic business grade Internet by contacting FastTrack or by checking out this comparison chart. Both options are secure, reliable and affordable.

FastTrack’s bundled solutions grow with your business, bringing you speedy broadband connections and cost-conscious voice options.

Whether you’re closing offices, consolidating locations or outsourcing staff to virtual environments, we can right-size your telecom technologies to match your new footprint.

Cutting costs
Is your telecom budget working as hard as it can for your organization? Our experts can help reduce costs and improve your bottom line. Let us assess your telecom needs and current technologies to see where you can save.

Update your phone, data and Internet services to suit your new capacity. We can ensure on-time implementation and a seamless transition to your new offices.

Opening/closing locations
As your business evolves, make sure your telecommunications continue to reach out to clients and vendors without interruption. We can help you choose flexible telecom services, ensure on-time installation and troubleshoot your new telecommunications technologies.

Upgrading telecom bandwidth
Operate more efficiently, boost your employee productivity and speed the sales process with faster, more secure telecom bandwidth. We can help pinpoint how much broadband capacity you require with plenty of room to grow.

Investigating new voice services
You can replace your expensive PBX phone system with high-quality, synchronous hosted voice services across our reliable fiber network. Our solutions allow each of your employees to use the same number while in the office, on the road or working as long as they are within the FastTrack network.

Gain a competitive edge and improve employee productivity with FastTrack:

  • Priced lower than major competitors for superior telecom services
  • Range of telecom solutions for companies of every size
  • Multi-homed, redundant Internet gateways
  • 24x7x365 telecom customer care and technical support

As the premier facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Colorado and New Mexico, FastTrack has invested millions in building a technologically advanced fiber optic network.

We own and operate best-of-breed network equipment from vendors such as Cisco, Fujitsu, Metaswitch and Adtran. These systems allow FastTrack to provide our customers with the most reliable, cost-effective and feature-rich telecom services in the industry.

Internet Services Comparison Chart
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