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Fast, Reliable, Symmetrical Fiber Optic Connection

Telecom For Enterprises

Metro quality fiber optic internet with symmetrical speeds hundreds of times faster than other technologies. Data moves at light speed on fiber optic lines, which have a larger capacity than copper or cable.

Affordable, Scalable Fiber Optic Network

Choose from internet service speeds of up to 10 gigs and beyond. Easily add broadband capacity as your telecom needs grow.

Symmetrical Connections for Internet, Data Transport & Voice Services

Symmetrical upload and download internet speed to support static IP addresses, cloud computing and fast high-volume data transport. Fiber optic is the only telecom technology with symmetrical connections.

A Fiber Optic Network That’s Never Oversubscribed

Consistently fast broadband speeds no matter the number of users/subscribers, distance or weather.

Virtually Always-On Telecommunications

99.99% uptime from a redundant, multi-homed fiber optic network.

Local 24x7x365 Customer Care

Service Level Agreements for fast, expert telecom support.

Scalable, Customized Broadband Solutions

High speed internet, data transport and voice services customized to exact telecom requirements of your locations and workforce.

Voice Services

Update Your Voice System
Retain your high-quality connections and phone numbers for less. Put our 15+ years of voice experience to work for you!

Make Calls Over the Internet with VoIP
Replace your old PBX phone system with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, complete with long-distance minutes and full features. Free your PBX management staff and save. We can set up and manage the new system, plus provide support and training.

Traditional Voice Services
Not ready for VoIP yet? FastTrack can provide the bridge from copper phone line service to VoIP technology. Maintain your current PBX system over traditional lines for now, and work toward replacing it with VoIP.

FastTrack for enterprises:

  • All the speed you need
  • Symmetrical and burst internet service
  • No more waiting or broadband outages
  • 99.99% reliability from redundant, multi-homed fiber optic gateways
  • Static IP addresses
  • Savings for multiple locations and voice services
  • SLA: fast, expert telecom support
  • Local 24x7x365 customer care
  • Locally owned and operated since 2002

Solutions for Colorado and New Mexico businesses:

Speeds of up to 10 gigs & beyond

+ Voice with free local calls and domestic long distance

Keep your phone numbers!

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