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Affordable, feature-rich voice solutions for businesses in Colorado and New Mexico. DS1, PRI, SIP, dedicated long distance, voice messaging conference calling supported.

Answering the call for better voice solutions.

Looking for a less expensive, feature-rich alternative to standard local telephone service?

FastTrack can design a solution tailored to the unique needs of your business, no matter what its size or industry.

Hosted Voice
Free your business from the costs and labor required to maintain your expensive PBX system. Our high-quality, synchronous hosted voice service takes the place of your old PBX, enabling connections on our reliable fiber network. You can buy or lease Cisco-based handsets from FastTrack, or use your existing Cisco equipment. Our service even comes with domestic long distance.

Our hosted VoIP voice service also allows you to quickly respond to customer inquiries while enhancing employee flexibility and productivity. Each employee can use a single number wherever he or she is—on the road, at a customer site or working remotely as long as they are within the FastTrack network. Adding options like web conferencing and additional lines is easy.

Voice DS1
Get business access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through our reliable, high-quality switches. Your Voice DS1 is installed in 24-channel increments and connects your digital PBX or key system to FastTrack’s local fiber optic network. Voice DS1 can be provisioned with ISDN (PRI or NFAS) or non-ISDN (DS1 CAS) digital signaling and configured as inward, outward or two-way service.

For call centers, hotels and resorts with a large number of concurrent calls, our PRI voice service is an attractive option.

Consider FastTrack’s SIP service if you want to make full use of your installed IP-PBXs to communicate over IP within and outside your enterprise.

Dedicated Long Distance
Our outbound (1+ dialing) service brings you high-quality, competitively priced domestic and international long-distance calling. Our toll-free (8xx) service provides national coverage at competitive rates, plus you can purchase blocks of long distance relatively inexpensively. Find out more about our bundled telecom services.

Other Options:

  • Voice messaging
  • Conference calling
Fast, seamless transition to a more powerful, less expensive phone service.

Get all the bells and whistles of a sophisticated phone system without the expense. To further reduce your costs and speed your Internet connections and data transport, consider our bundled telecom services.

Our Most Competitive Option:
Voice + Internet
200 mbps download
x 100 mbps upload

Add Voice with free local calls and domestic long distance

Keep your phone numbers!

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