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Say hello to the next generation of telecommunications solutions.

8 reasons to choose FastTrack.

Get used to the latest technology, the most advanced products and the highest level of customer support, all at very competitive rates. Because FastTrack’s reliable local Colorado telecommunications services and New Mexico telecom services travel across our very own fiber optic network equipment, SONET and multi-homed Internet service network, we can streamline operations and pass the savings on to you.

1.  Priced less than major telecom competitors
Our services are typically priced lower than those of our telecom competitors because we own and operate the fiber optic network backbone. You receive service directly from us, the telecom carrier. This simplified structure minimizes our IT burden and support expenses, resulting in substantial savings for you.

2.  99.99% reliability
As a facilities-based telecom provider, FastTrack owns and manages our own physical facilities and fiber optic network lines. Our redundant telecom network has multiple gateways to the Internet. If one gateway were to fail, all Internet traffic would be rerouted automatically to the remaining available gateways, so our customers stay connected no matter what.

3.  Fast, high-quality data transmission all the time
Our fiber optic network delivers clean, clear, fast telecommunications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Choose from continuous mega-speed premium symmetrical business grade Internet or our basic asymmetrical business grade Internet which bursts above bandwidth limits when you need it most. Our dynamic bandwidth allocation assures you that when your phone lines are not in use, bandwidth is available for your business Internet traffic.

4.  Customized telecom solutions
FastTrack’s best asset is our depth of telecom engineering expertise. Our staff maintains the optical network equipment and fully understands the complexities of fiber optic network builds to connect customers. Among other things, that means they can quickly create customized telecom solutions to meet your challenges.

5.  Increase your telecom bandwidth to meet your growing business needs
Customers connected to our fiber optic network can increase their bandwidth capacity without having to bring in additional circuits. Call to our customer care center to discuss your options.

6. Business as usual during installation
You’ll experience no disruption in your day-to-day business during the switch to FastTrack’s fiber optic network. We’ll even provide an integrated access device at no additional cost.

7.  Keep your existing phone numbers
Minimize potential marketing expenses by maintaining your existing phone numbers and phone book listing with FastTrack’s voice solutions. There’s no need to go through the bother and expense of reprinting your business cards and other stationery. Consider retiring your expensive PBX legacy system for a less costly, more agile alternative that lets each of your employees use the same number at work, at home and on the road as long as they are within the FastTrack network.

8.  Proactive network management and troubleshooting
You can expect quicker, more reliable 24x7x365 service from telecom experts  who know you and care about your business.

Always on.

FastTrack’s customer care centers proactively monitor our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our local service technicians keep your critical data, Internet and voice services running efficiently.

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