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High Speed Internet, Telecom and Voice Services Delivered on Our Fiber Backbone

Your business can capitalize on the fastest, most reliable high speed Internet connection, data transport and voice services that are currently powering mission-critical community lifelines throughout the region as well as schools, libraries and municipalities.

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Affordable, Scalable Fiber Optic Solutions

Boost productivity, performance, profitability and compliance reporting with FastTrack’s fast, reliable fiber optic connection.

Metro Quality High Speed Internet

Internet speed hundreds of times faster than other technologies from a next-generation fiber optic backbone. Data moves at light speed on fiber optic lines, which have a larger broadband capacity than copper or cable.

Telecom That’s Never Oversubscribed

Consistently fast internet speed no matter the number of users/subscribers, distance or weather.

Virtually Always-On Internet Service

99.99% uptime from a redundant, multi-homed fiber optic network.


Easily add capacity as your telecommunications needs grow.

Local 24x7x365 Customer Care

Delivering fiber optic internet to Colorado and New Mexico since 2002.

Powerful Broadband Options

FastTrack’s high speed internet network supplies Colorado and New Mexico businesses and public entities with data transporthigh speed Internetbusiness grade InternetVDSL2MPLSvoicehosted voicebundle solutions (voice and Internet) and additional customized telecom solutions.

*Subject to availability

Reasons Why FastTrack is Right for You:
  • Fast upload and download fiber optic bandwidth speeds regardless of the number of subscribers/users, distance or weather
  • Redundant telecom network with 99.99% uptime
  • Scalable high speed internet, data transport and voice services that grow with your business
  • 24x7x365 local customer care and telecom technical support
  • Local fiber optic company serving Colorado & New Mexico since 2002

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