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Take control of your telecommunications.

Got a need for speed, security and reliability? FastTrack Communications brings your organization a more advanced, efficient way of delivering data, high speed Internet and voice services. With fast upload and download speeds, our very own Colorado and New Mexico fiber optic Internet network provides a wide array of telecommunication solutions and custom configurations that benefit enterprises of any size. A centralized customer support center means you’ll have just one number to call for answers. With FastTrack on board, you can focus on what you do best—running your organization.

Our high speed Internet

As if our fiber optic Internet connection wasn’t already speedy, we’ve upgraded our IP network to 3.5 terabytes of throughput capacity. FastTrack’s high speed network supplies Colorado and New Mexico businesses and public entities with data transport, high speed Internet, business grade InternetVDSL2, MPLS, voice, hosted voice, bundled solutions (voice and Internet) and additional customized telecom solutions. As a last-mile and middle-mile provider, we build the fiber optic infrastructure to connect communities internally and externally, spurring economic development. Partnerships with local ISPs serving residential communities extend our high speed Internet to homes throughout Colorado and New Mexico.


Business Grade Internet

Our fiber-based basic business grade Internet lets you temporarily burst above minimum bandwidth limits. If dedicated high speed access is a must for your enterprise, our premium business grade Internet assures you of fast, symmetrical service.

New Hosted Voice

Leave your expensive legacy or PBX telephone system behind with FastTrack hosted voice service.

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